Help the Needy Inc. was founded in 2015 by two siblings: Stephanie Bailo, a graduate in Accounting, and Aurore Bailo, a Nurse. They both lost their father at an early age. Being an orphan is not an easy situation to be in, especially if you are not the only child of your parents. Unlike Stephanie and Aurore, some children in Ivory Coast or developing countries do not have the chance to be raised by a mother or father who can afford to feed, clothe, and scholar them. In Ivory Coast, half of the population lives in poverty. It is difficult for some families to put their children to school. In some cases, parents who live in poverty prefer to send their male children to school instead of the girls due to lack of money, and according to them the girls will end up marry some days so it is not necessary for them to be in school. As a result, those girls start prostituting themselves in order to take care of their families. Some of them get deathly diseases, others cannot get appropriate care because they do not have the adequate funds for they treatments. In addition, others end up giving birth to children without fathers in their lives. Therefore, those children also do not get educated, and become thieves or live on the streets. Therefore, they created  this organization in order to help the less fortunate through education, medical care and much more.

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